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Villa Talbo Rauma,Finland by ShinyHeels. The Church of the Holy Cross was built for the Franciscan monastery in gauma late…. Rauma Old town houses, Finland. Statue of a bobbin lace maker in Rauma,Finland picrures It was placed there in to commemorate the lace making tradition, which started in Rauma in the century, and still continues today.

Vanhan Rauman Raatihuone jouluisessa asussa. Yesterday Tuesday I went to the Rauma Maritime Museum. It is housed in a large, attractive, old house that I was told was used as t. Rauma in Finland zonsondergang jachthaven. Rauma Pins 85 Followers. Finland Homeland Bobbin lace Traveling europe 15th century 17th century Advent season Ancestry And still Armchairs Baltic sea Beautiful landscapes Blankets Breads Ceramic art Church pictures Colorful houses Darkness Days in Do you.

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