Ecw One Night Stand Barely Legal Lovisa

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Ecw One Night Stand Barely Legal Liperi

At about the ten-minute mark, Storm connected with two chair shots to Van Dam's head. Great video The dvd's came in great condition and shipped perfect. ONS - One great match on the disk was the 6 man mixed Tag match of Dreamer, Funk and Beullah vs Edge, Foley and Lita - this was E-C-F'N-W!!!! Despite all the crap Rey Mysterio gets for his World Title run, he too pulled off a good match here. Kurt generally outwrestles Randy, and even gets pretty Mixed Martial Arts-ish on Randy with a big takedown, full back mount, and even a Kimura submission hold. The next match was a six-man tag team match featuring wrestlers from Michinoku Pro Wrestling which saw Taka Michinoku , Terry Boy and Dick Togo battle The Great Sasuke , Gran Hamada and Masato Yakushiji who replaced the injured Gran Naniwa. See more like this Barely Legal DVD, Full Cast and Crew. Extreme Championship Wrestling supercards and pay-per-view events. JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION.